With the new REGENERATING serie, REFAN company offers to its customers products with some of the most effective active ingredients: hyaluronic acid and Gardenia stem cell extract. They are an excellent choice for anti-aging care. The series includes: facial wash cream, day cream, night cream, facial serum and body-cream butter. The French active ingredient - Gardenia stem cell extract - acts on 3 levels: it stimulates the synthesis of new collagen, minimizes the collagen breakdown and inhibits the collagenase synthesis.   Thus it offers a multi-level collagen network. Collagen is the main skin component, responsible for the firm and youthful appearance. Intensively moisturizes epidermis, smooths skin and has a long-lasting anti-aging effect.

Hyaluronic acid is an important component of connective tissue that fills the intercellular space. Known to dermatologists as a dermal filler, it is injected directly into the skin, to fill in wrinkles from within. Many consumers do not like this invasive and expensive approach, and therefore they look for cosmetic products that imitate the properties of dermal fillers. REFAN uses exactly this type of hyaluronic acid. It has the extraordinary ability to hold nearly a thousand times more of its own weight in water. But to penetrate skin, the molecule must be small enough. In REFAN products the  branched-chain hyaluronic acid is used (cross-linked hyaluronic acid), which due to its structure has a high water-absorbing capacity, similar to high-molecular hyaluronic acid, but much more stable to enzymatic degradation and with easier penetration into the skin, compared to the linear one.