Cotton Blossom&Honey

Handmade glycerin soap#5521

Enriched with shea butter and cocoa butter. With a honey-sweet fragrance of blooming spring flowers, creating a feeling of harmony and  joy. Suitable for daily use. COTTON BLOSSOM AND HONEY soap contains:

* Shea butter: rich in vitamins and fatty acids. The oil is a natural skin moisturizer and has emollient, greasing and conditioning properties. It has a restructuring effect on the epidermis and maintains skin elasticity. In soap, shea butter adds finesse and richness of the suds.

* Cocoa butter: a natural stimulant that accelerates cell turnover, improves hydration, gives shine and smoothness and maintains skin elasticity. It is a source of natural antioxidants. Gives a velvety texture to soap and suds. COTTON BLOSSOM AND HONEY soap grabs you right away with a relaxing aroma and gentle  foam . Brings a touch of freshness and positive emotions into everyday life.