Visit "REFAN" booth at the 7th K - BEAUTY EXPO Exhibition

sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2015

Visit "REFAN" booth at  the 7th  K - BEAUTY EXPO Exhibition

Visit "REFAN" booth at  the 7th  K - BEAUTY EXPO Exhibition, which will be held from 17 to 20 September 2015 in Kintex, Kyonggi Province, South Korea!
K - BEAUTY EXPO is the largest beauty  exhibition in Korea, with more than 60,000 visitors and over 400 participating companies from all over the world.
The company "Refan" will present there its high-quality beauty products and franchise concept, which has proved to be extremely profitable and very successful through a network of more than 400 stores worldwide.
At  REFAN Booth - HALL 4, H-24 - visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate the great  variety of cosmetic series with rose oil, rose water and many other natural ingredients, the  recipes  created in REFAN laboratories   in accordance with the requirements of European legislation.